Fans' pick as 2012's best moment: Bedlam

Earlier this week, I asked you to vote for your pick as the best moment of 2012 in the Big 12, and the people have spoken.

Thirty percent of you say Oklahoma's comeback and victory in overtime to beat Oklahoma State in a Bedlam for the ages was the best moment of 2012. That game had major Big 12 title implications, and beat out the second-place finisher: Baylor's big finish. I combined the Bears' victories over Kansas State and UCLA into one moment for voting purposes, but I was a little surprised.

We talked about how I'd define the "best" moments, and by "best," I mean most memorable. For me, it's no contest: Baylor's victory over K-State will be the lasting mark of the Big 12's season in 2012, just as Iowa State's upset of Oklahoma State in 2011 was the most memorable moment of that year, and Texas Tech's upset of Texas back in 2008. For the league (and the favored teams) it's an ugly memory, but it was a major upset capped by a field-storming and a shakeup in the national title race with the Big 12 at the center of it in all three situations.

Bedlam was a great game and a great memory, but I don't buy that it's more memorable than the Bears' upset and bowl win, which was also the best postseason performance of any Big 12 team.

West Virginia's huge win in Austin and crushing loss a week later in Lubbock came in at No. 3, with 21 percent of the vote. West Virginia's rock bottom came a week later, but the loss to Texas Tech was definitely the beginning of the end after WVU left Austin on a crazy high to reach No. 5 in the polls, with a Heisman front-runner and a win in the Big 12's marquee venue.

Nineteen percent of you cast a vote for K-State's win at Oklahoma as the most memorable moment of 2012. That's definitely up there, but I'd agree that it should be No. 4. The Wildcats made history by becoming the first ranked team to knock off Bob Stoops in Norman and announced their presence as a Big 12 title contender.

Only 4 percent of you cast a vote for the first time the Big 12 had two teams celebrate a conference title. How would you rank them, 1-5?