Should the Big 12 expand?

Expansion's going to be a constant topic in the Big 12 for years to come, but as the current shifts and sways, it's interesting to gauge public opinion on the issue.

This week, the Big 12's athletic directors came together and said what most have known for some time now: The Big 12 is happy at 10 members, but is keeping an eye on the landscape and assessing options outside the league. The biggest detriment to expansion: The Big 12 just made $26.2 million per team, the highest average of any conference, according to Forbes Magazine.

Common sense tells you any team that enters the Big 12 would have to equal or surpass that worth, and commissioner Bob Bowlsby explicitly said as much during league meetings this week. He also said what anyone who knows much about college football already knows: There aren't many teams who can boast that kind of worth. At the top of that list -- unrealistic options excluded -- is clearly Florida State. Beyond the Seminoles, it gets a little thin.

Still, the Big 12 is two years into a 10-team configuration and just finished its first season with a 10-team lineup that looks fairly permanent considering the recent grant of rights execution.

Should the league change that? I find the idea of the Big 12 being knocked for having fewer than 14 or 16 teams a little silly, but what about you? Do you believe the Big 12 should make a move and expand right now, with the climate as it currently stands?

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