Ranking the Big 12's top 25 players: No. 14

We’re continuing our countdown of the Big 12's top 25 players from the 2012 season. Here's more on my criteria for the list. You can take a peek at how the preseason list looked here.

The official list is locked away in a vault in an undisclosed location, but we'll be revealing one player a day moving forward.

On with the show ...

No. 14: Trey Millard, FB/RB/TE, Oklahoma

2012 numbers: Caught 30 passes for 337 yards and four touchdowns. Rushed 33 times for 198 yards.

Most recent ranking: Millard was ranked No. 20 in our preseason list of the Big 12's top 25 players.

Making the case for Millard: He's a chief candidate for a player whose numbers don't tell anything close to the full story. Millard does a little bit of everything for Oklahoma and certainly has a case as the Sooners' best overall player. He's an outstanding blocker, which is probably where his future lies in the NFL, but the 6-foot-2, 256-pounder was a key piece of the Belldozer package, even though he didn't get the formation named after him. Millard can catch passes out of the backfield, grab some tough yardage that no other Sooner back could get and had a penchant for breaking free in some big spots. Just ask Texas, which saw Millard have his biggest game and produce Oklahoma's biggest highlight of the season when he hurdled one defender and stiff-armed another in mid-air. He's faster than a lot of people realize and has great speed for his size, but what puts him this high on this list is how he can be so outstanding in so many different roles. Oklahoma coaches are wowed by it, too, and the Sooners' resident "Slash" certainly deserves any accolades he collects.

How many guys in the league have everyone who follows the program screaming to get him more touches?

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