Handing out a few Big 12 Valentines

Valentine's Day is here again. It's perhaps our calendar's most polarizing day, but love is in the air regardless. We're back again, passing out a few Valentines to those across the Big 12 who could use a little love this time of year.

Dear ...

TCU's depth chart updater,

Whoever's job this is each week was busy. TCU dealt with more losses than anybody in the Big 12, and here's to a more stable 2013 for both Gary Patterson, who makes the decisions on that depth chart, and to the football staffers who update the chart online and on the weekly notes. The changes were all over the place, and to big names who had spent a whole lot of time in Fort Worth. Rough going. Somebody get these folks some cupcakes today.

The Big 12's new QBs,

Consider this a love letter for things to come from the fans across the league. This is an inexperienced group, but also one that is so promising and will provide tons of memories in the fall, both this year and next. They'll be varying levels of success, but don't be surprised if the next big name in college football emerges from Texas Tech's Michael Brewer, Oklahoma's Blake Bell, Baylor's Bryce Petty, West Virginia's Ford Childress (or Paul Millard), Kansas State's Daniel Sams (or Jake Waters) or maybe another guy out of nowhere.