Poll results: Texas a title pretender (barely)

I'm really intrigued to see the results of these polls for the teams we examine, but I queued up Texas first. It's entirely possible that no team receives more than 50 percent of the vote as a Big 12 title contender with a league that lacks a true favorite, but the fans aren't quite buying Texas just yet.

Well over 4,000 of you voted, and 56 percent of our readers say Texas is a Big 12 title pretender. Just 44 percent of you say the Longhorns are a real contender for the league trophy. These results are nonscientific of course, and perhaps influenced by the fact that more Big 12 fans hate Texas than any other program in the league, but the Longhorns also have the league's largest fan base, so though it might not be perfect, I do think it evens out in the end.

The Longhorns need the defense to improve, but I'm buying the idea that Texas is going as far as David Ash can take it. If he develops the consistency he lacked in 2012 and plays all season like he did against Ole Miss and Oklahoma State, Texas won't have to rely on the results of any poll. They'll absolutely be a Big 12 contender.

We'll see if that happens.