Mapping out the Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip

We wrapped up our Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip earlier this week, but let's take a look back on where it'll take you.

A reminder: The goal isn't to see every team or see X team Y number of times. The goal is to see as many games as possible that are relevant to the Big 12 title race.

Wow, what a year. The first thing that jumps out at me is I wish I'd have a chance to see Baylor. I take a simple approach here: I pick the best game every week. The Bears had a handful of games on my "honorable mention" list, and I'm sure recording wins throughout the season will ensure a visit.

After all, three of the last four times I've attended a game at Floyd Casey Stadium, the fans have stormed the field. I was at Baylor's wins over TCU, Oklahoma and Kansas State, and wrote about a snoozer against SMU to open the 2012 season, too. I've spent plenty of time around the Bears, but I was surprised they didn't show up here at the end of the year.

Let's rack up the teams who did:

Oklahoma (6) -- three road games, two home games, one neutral site game

Texas (5) -- two road games, two home games, one neutral site game

TCU (5) -- three road games, one neutral site game, one home game

Oklahoma State (4) -- two home games, two road games

Texas Tech (3) -- two home games, one road game

Kansas State (2) -- one road game, one home game

West Virginia (2) -- one road game, one home game

Interesting numbers. That's a heck of a trip through Big 12 country over the course of one season.