No doubt about Bedlam's place for OSU

Oklahoma State's Bedlam victory in 2011 might have been one of the most cathartic wins for a program I've seen in a long time in college football. It was a combination of building a program on top of Boone Pickens' cash, escaping underneath the thumb of in-state rival Oklahoma, winning a Big 12 title and the first time out on the field after one of the toughest days in OSU history (see Scott Verplank's quote) two weeks earlier.

The fans got out their energy by storming the field and celebrating the school's first-ever Big 12 title, but they might get a chance to do exactly the same thing this fall. The second time is always different, of course, but I'm willing to bet Oklahoma State can either win a Big 12 title or prevent Oklahoma from winning its ninth in Stillwater on Dec. 7, the final weekend of the year.

That's without even mentioning what happened two days after Thanksgiving last year. A dramatic comeback in Norman served as a gut-punch to the Cowboys in overtime, eliminating them from the Big 12 title race and preceding another loss the following week to Baylor.

Whatever happens in the first 11 games of the year, it's doubtful any win would be sweeter or mean more to Oklahoma State than the season finale against the Sooners. I'm glad to see the fans agreed with me here. Well over half of you (56 percent) say Bedlam is Oklahoma State's biggest game of 2013.

Only 18 percent of you said the trip to Texas was OSU's biggest game of the year. I'd point to that as the second-most important game of the year, too. The Longhorns are trying to reclaim their spot as a Big 12 kingpin on the field, but a win would certainly help Oklahoma State build toward its own spot as a growing third national power in the league.

Just nine percent of you voted for the season opener in Houston against Mississippi State and the Pokes game in Stillwater against TCU. Only eight percent of you cast a vote for OSU's game against Baylor at home on Nov. 23.