The Big 12's reliance on Texas recruits

Our RecruitingNation staff is breaking down the state of recruiting in each conference, and colleague Craig Haubert took a wide-angle look at the Big 12's Texas-centric recruitingInsider.

It's no surprise to anyone who follows the league, but the exact numbers were eye-popping. Texas and Florida are neck-and-neck every year for the most FBS signees, but the 10-team Big 12 signed 102 players from Texas last year.

The entire league signed 170 prospects, meaning 60 percent of the league's signees are Texas-bred players. Eliminating newcomer West Virginia from that mix increases the percentage to 66 percent, Haubert reports.

That's just insanity.

Competition in the state has heated up, but it's still somewhat divided by the caliber of players. Texas, Oklahoma and Big 12 expat Texas A&M are consistently competing for elite players, and have the most crossover among those types of four and five-star players.

Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and TCU get in the mix for some of those guys, but the Frogs have joined that group of programs who most often fight over the next level of player. Schools like Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State have a tough time grabbing in-state players of that second group away from in-state schools, but often grab a different caliber of player.

The result is a competitive state, but hardly a free-for-all like we often see in SEC country.

The Big 12 teams are now having to fend off even more schools from outside the state, but West Virginia hasn't really filled the niche in the state yet that Missouri left behind when it left the Big 12.

Take a look at Haubert's full post. Great breakdown of the recruiting trail within the state and conference.