Analyzing the Big 12's nonconference lineup

The past week or so, we've looked closer at each Big 12 team's nonconference slate, and we'll continue to do that over the course of the next week or so until we've covered all 10 teams.

But how about the big picture? The Big 12's playing a few high-profile games, but for the most part, it's a weak nonconference slate that should allow the Big 12 a great shot to rack up a crazy good record out of conference. Going 30-0 isn't completely out of the question, but something like 27-3 or so is the most likely outcome. How does it break down across conference lines?

Let's have a look:

SEC (3): LSU (TCU), Mississippi State (Oklahoma State), Ole Miss (Texas)

American Athletic Conference (2): SMU (TCU, Texas Tech)

Independent (2): Notre Dame (Oklahoma), BYU (Texas)

Big Ten (1): Iowa (Iowa State)

ACC (1): Maryland (West Virginia)

Conference USA (5): Tulsa (Oklahoma, Iowa State), Texas-San Antonio (Oklahoma State), Rice (Kansas), Louisiana Tech (Kansas)

Sun Belt (5): Louisiana-Monroe (Oklahoma, Baylor), Texas State (Texas Tech), Georgia State (West Virginia), Louisiana-Lafayette (Kansas State)

Mid-American Conference (2): Massachusetts (Kansas State), Buffalo (Baylor)

Mountain West (1): New Mexico (Texas)

FCS (8): Southeastern Louisiana (TCU), Northern Iowa (Iowa State), Lamar (Oklahoma State), South Dakota (Kansas), Stephen F. Austin (Texas Tech), William and Mary (West Virginia), North Dakota State (Kansas State), Wofford (Baylor)

Interesting to see the Big 12 has more games against the SEC than any other major conference. I'll lump BYU and Notre Dame in with the major schools for obvious reasons (if we can do it for Maryland and Iowa, we can do it for BYU and Notre Dame), but it's depressing to see the Big 12 has nine games against major conference teams and 21 against those outside the major leagues.

At least the Big 12 can say it has more games against major schools than it does against FCS teams. Texas and Oklahoma are the only Big 12 schools who won't be playing an FCS game this season.