No favorite in Big 12 passing race in 2013?

I asked for the fans' input on the Big 12's leading passer in 2013, and your answer was resounding: The race is wide open.

My pick would be Baylor's Bryce Petty, with a proven system, great offensive line and fantastic skill position talent around him. The only thing that could derail him is Baylor focusing more on a powerful running game headlined by Lache Seastrunk, the league's premiere returning offensive talent. Glasco Martin will get plenty of carries, too. He got just 22 percent of the vote, just ahead of Oklahoma State's Clint Chelf, who earned 21 percent of the vote.

The poll's winner? No surprise, it's the field, with 36 percent of the vote. Texas' David Ash collected just 12 percent of the vote and TCU's Casey Pachall got just 9 percent. I'm not too surprised at the results, but let's hear from the fans who wrote in to make their case for the field:

Andy in Houston writes: Hey Ubbs,I vote for the field on your best passer poll, specifically targeting Michael Brewer. While I think OSU and Baylor have systems that may deliver higher yardage totals than Tech I believe that TTU will end up having to rely on Brewer's arm more than they think. Obviously they are running the Air Raid which requires solid quarterback play, but something that isn't being talked about is the fact that Tech will probably want to lean on its most experienced and probably most talented group, its receivers. Eric Ward and Jace Amaro are fantastic with Grant and Marquez solid options and I'm excited to see Wheeler and Davis, highly praised recruits, start their on field careers for Tech. In addition the defense could struggle this year with little in the way of depth on the defensive line and a green secondary which means Tech could be playing from behind quite a bit. When a team is playing form behind we know they are going to air it out a bit more. Love the blog man, keep up the good work!

DWM in Bridgeport, W.Va. writes: Ubbs,Given Holgerson's success in the passing game, one of the options should have been "unnamed WVU QB." I guarantee whoever it is, they will be in the top four of the league passers.

Sunglasses and Sirens in Los Angeles writes: We can't even get Michael Brewer as an option for top passer? We're stuck with Kansas and Iowa St? Kansas and Iowa St Ubben! Name me the other Big 12 team that has been top ten in the nation for passing yards a game for 6 years. Through 2 coaches and 3 QB's. Yet somehow we get bumped for a defense first TCU. What possible explanation can there be for not including the Air Raid university in a conversation about passing?

My take: Tried to stick with the league's most experienced passers or players who have absolutely earned the starting spot at their respective schools.

Ryan in Charleston, W.Va. writes: Ubbs,You said to give you a reason if we vote for "the field" in the poll you posted regarding the Big 12's passing leader in 2013. I know I might be biased, but I simply don't think any of the names listed has enough experience to be a clear favorite. I chose the field because I think one of WVU's three quarterbacks will take the job and run with it in Holgerson's offense. Since 2006, there hasn't been a year that a QB in Holgerson's system hasn't thrown for more than 30 TDs. Geno Smith in 2011 was actually the worst stats put up by a QB in his system. Granted, he did have keenum, Harrell, and Weeden in that span as well, but I have no doubt that one of those three QB's will surprise the Big 12.

Kendall in Corpus Christi, Texas writes: David Ash will be the Big 12's top passer in 2013. Standing at 6'3 he has good size and can scan the field. He has a number of targets as well. Shipley is phenomenal along with Davis putting up solid numbers. Shipley is the best receiver in the Big 12 so he is sure to aid in Ash's progression. As a freshman he threw 4 TDs and 8 INTs. As a sophomore he threw 19 TDs and 8 INTs. What's going to stop a growing QB when his receivers keep getting better each year??? Hop on the Texas train because we're going BCS this year.

Chad in Bentonville, Ark. writes: Great poll question. I picked the field because this will be Blake Bell's breakout year. Oklahoma doesn't recruit qb's that run. They recruit qb's that are accurate and strong. The added mobility will simply keep defenses guessing.

Carl Bledsoe in Corinth, Texas writes: JW Walsh for the Big 12's Passing leader in 2013!It is not a sure thing that Chelf will start. Gundy left that open. Then even if Chelf starts the season he does not have the upside of Walsh. So, if Walsh starts he beats out all the others. Yes he runs, but he passes as well. Just look at last years stats and his stats from High School. When he is allowed to use his feet best is hwen he opens up the passing lanes and takes advantage of it. On top of that his accuracy or lack of mistakes is a stat worth noting as well.