The Big 12's best road teams since 2010

Earlier this offseason, a reader asked for the data from the Big 12's best teams at home.

The results: Oklahoma State and Kansas State topped the list, closely followed by Baylor and Oklahoma. What about on the road? (Note: Any game away from their home stadium qualifies as a "road" game in these standings.)

Here's how each team who's been in the Big 12 in each of the past three seasons stacks up:

  1. Oklahoma: 13-4

  2. Oklahoma State: 12-5

  3. Texas: 11-6

  4. Kansas State: 10-7

  5. Texas Tech: 8-8

  6. Baylor: 7-10

  7. Iowa State: 6-11

  8. Kansas: 0-16

TCU was 5-2 away from home in 2012. West Virginia was 2-3.

The first thing that jumps off the page is obviously Oklahoma. Everyone loves to belabor the Sooners' road woes compared to home successes in the past few seasons, but you can't argue with the raw numbers. Oklahoma has been the Big 12's best team on the road the past three seasons, despite the worst three-year run ever under Bob Stoops in Norman. Pretty astounding stuff.

The gap between Kansas and the rest of the league has to be pretty alarming, too. Iowa State and Baylor have kept their heads above water on the road, playing well enough to have some success over the past three years (historic success for Baylor, too), but Kansas' drought that stretches all the way back to Week 2 of the 2009 season against UTEP is tough to look at.

Texas has the biggest gap between home and road success. The Longhorns had a better home record than only Kansas over the past three years, but have had success on the road, including a win over Big 12 North champion Nebraska in 2010. If they can turn it around in Austin, Texas will see success in a hurry.

Only Oklahoma State in 2010 (6-0) and Oklahoma in 2012 (5-0) have notched undefeated seasons away from home in the past three seasons.

What else stuck out to you?