Chat wrap: Tech-OU, Baylor all the way?

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. If you didn't get a question in, hit up the mailbag. Here's a sample of what was said in today's chat:

Johnny (College Station): If Baylor faced another offense capable of matching its big points potential (A&M or Oregon, for example) do you think the Bears' defense has settled in enough to make the necessary stops for the offense to win the game? Was the strong defensive showing against Iowa State a sign of things to come, or just another beat down on an inferior team?

Jake Trotter: It was a good sign, but let's face it, Baylor has not faced a viable offense yet. Then again, there aren't many viable offenses in the Big 12.

Jim (FW): What is wrong with TCU? Besides the obvious lack of scoring, what is the problem with the offense? Been a pretty disappointing year.

Jake Trotter: QB turns the ball over. Offensive line is below average. No No. 1 WR. WR corps as a whole pretty mediocre. Put all that together, and you get TCU's offense.

Chuck (Morgantown): What odds do you give WVU of getting three more wins and being bowl eligible? They have played a very tough schedule so far.

Jake Trotter: I mentioned this in the power ranks. WVU has already faced Baylor, OU, OSU and Tech -- four of the top five teams in the league. They get Texas in Morgantown, too. If they win this weekend in Manhattan, I think they definitely get to a bowl game.

John (StillH20): Jake, OSU is 5-1 but still has to play the top half of the league. Given the way the Pokes have struggled offensively, what’s the possibility of a 6-6 season?

Jake Trotter: Pretty unlikely. OSU is struggling offensively, but the defense is solid and they have Josh Stewart. I see this as a 9-3 type team. Maybe 8-4.

Matt (Houston, Texas): Jake, Lifelong Baylor fan here, should I be rooting for Tech or OU this weekend to win? Which team winning would be more advantageous for our schedule? Thanks!

Jake Trotter: Tech. Sets up that Nov. 16 showdown between top-10 teams.

Kaleb Aterburn (Doane college): Is Jace Amaro the best TE in country?

Jake Trotter: Haven't seen one better.

Chase (Baylor): Who is your top three OFF/DEF players of the Big12?

Jake Trotter 1. Petty, 2. Seastrunk, 3. Amaro; 1. Verrett, 2. Hyder, 3. Jeffcoat.

Adam (Lubbock): How do you stop OU's offense?

Jake Trotter: Load up on the run and force Bell to try and beat you deep.

Chad (Orlando): Wouldn't the Big 12 bringing in UCF and perhaps another East coast team make sense for the league for exposure, especially with UCF up and coming in football and basketball, and recruiting? Maybe this could help offset the loss of TAMU to the SEC.

Jake Trotter: The travel would be a killer, especially for the minor sports.

Tyler (Lubbock): Whose got the best D in the conference?

Jake Trotter: TCU

Hopeful Fan (San Antonio): What will need to happen for Baylor to have a shot at going to the BCS National Championship?

Jake Trotter: Florida State and Oregon need to lose. Oh, and Baylor needs to win out.

Jim (Red Raiders): I am tired of listening to these obnoxious Baylor fans. Yeah they are doing good, but do they really need to be talking about a national title? I enjoy being the dark horse but a little praise this way would be nice. Who would have thought that TT would be this good?

Jake Trotter: Here we go again ...