Chat wrap: Baylor-Okla. St., OU QBs

Thanks for all your questions in Tuesday's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag and you could see it on the Big 12 Blog on Friday:

Ted (Fort Worth): Jake, great job on the chats. I look forward to it every Tuesday. Given how stingy the OSU defense was last week and overall just improving on both sides of the ball after the Morgantown debacle, should my Bears be worried? Or do we have enough offensive firepower to overcome the rough road game in Stillwater?

Jake Trotter: This will be, by far, Baylor's toughest test of the season offensively. This is a very, very good Oklahoma State defense. The Bears have enough firepower to overcome any defense. But if Justin Gilbert and Caleb Lavey can force turnovers and force Baylor into some FGs instead of TDs, this will be a dogfight.

John (MA): Hey Jake. Great blog as always. What do you make of Trevor Knight and how Bob Stoops is handling the QB position at OU? Both Knight and Kendal Thompson both look like much better options than Blake Bell, especially when looking at the future of QB at OU. Knight and Thompson can both move the ball downfield better, both are more athletic, and both don't look like they're stepping on lava while in the pocket. What are your thoughts, and who do you think has the starting job come Saturday, based off of what we've seen?

Jake Trotter: I think it should be Knight or Thompson going forward. I'd play both at K-State, then go with the hot hand. OU knows what it has with Bell. Time to find out what it has with the two young guns.

Cody (Texas): I knew it was a matter of time before they exposed Case McCoy’s throwing ability. It is a shame to see this group of skill players go to waste at Texas. Do you think they will have an answer for their QB woes anytime soon? What is the deal with the play calling by Major Applewhite? He needs to get in touch with his creative side with the weapons they have.

Jake Trotter: McCoy has had a good year, but you're right, there were always these limitations waiting to be exploited by a good defense. David Ash has the talent to be a good Big 12 QB. But it won't help him next year having missed this entire season.

Johnny (Lubbock, TX): Jake - thank you for great coverage this year! I wanted to ask about Texas Tech football. Is this the same team we saw earlier in the season, undefeated, 7-0, just simply playing better competition. Or, have you seen a decline in a certain areas of the game for the Red Raiders? Thank you and keep up the good work.

Jake Trotter: Better competition, Johnny. I thought Tech actually played well Saturday. But Baylor is slightly better than Iowa State.

B. Stoops (Norman): How am I supposed to play both Knight and Thompson? Won't Blake's feelings get hurt?

Jake Trotter: Is OU football about preserving feelings now?

Travis (Dallas): Jake - Do you think the cold weather will play a factor in the OSU-Baylor game? Last year at Iowa State, Baylor had trouble in the passing game with the cold weather.

Jake Trotter: If it snows -- and there's a chance it might -- it would definitely help Oklahoma State.

Jason Federal (Dallas): Why would snow help Oklahoma State? Baylor has the better running game and the better run defense.

Jake Trotter: Yeah, but anything to mess with the passing game helps Oklahoma State. Cowboys can't air it out like Baylor can.

Randy (Pampa): Hi, Jake... doing a great job, man. I was looking over all of OSU's scores, particularly how many points they have given up and to whom. I'm sure they have improved over the year, but it looks like if Baylor is typical Baylor, they could put up a bunch of points on the Pokes. Your thoughts?

Jake Trotter: Randy, I'm not sure I agree. A closer look at Oklahoma State's defense tells another story. OSU has given up 30 points only three times. Twice, only because of defensive TDs (West Virginia, Tech) and the other time (UTSA) OSU was up 42-7, and put in its backups in the fourth quarter, where the Roadrunners scored 28. Baylor can still light up the Cowboys. But this is not just another defense.

rtXC1 (Denison, TX): Who is Baylor's sixth-string RB and how good is he?

Jake Trotter: Whoever it is, he's probably amazing.

JB (Oklahoma City): Great work on the blog, man. I personally feel OU is going quieter on the recruiting trail because they're trying to bring in more under-the-radar guys, instead of the overhyped "5-star" players. Am I crazy to think this way or do I have a point?

Jake Trotter: That's one way to look at it. Another way to look at it is the 5-star guys are choosing not to go to OU.

The Silver Fox (Manhappenin'): Who needs a smart phone when you have stationery?

Jake Trotter: Bill Snyder is all class.

Advisor (Lubbock): If I told you in the preseason a Big 12 team with a first year head coach was going to rotate true freshman QBs, what would your preseason record prediction have been for this team?

Jake Trotter: A lot worse than 7-4.

Curious Cat (Cheshire): Who has the most impressive defense in the Big 12? I think TCU could be a bowl team if its offense was equal to its D.

Jake Trotter: I rank the Big 12 defenses like this: 1. OSU, 2. Baylor, 3. TCU, 4. OU

Ian (Columbus, Ohio): Why is there so much hate on Ohio State's strength of schedule? We are 72th, Alabama is 58th and Baylor is 85th!?

Jake Trotter: Who has Ohio State beaten away from Columbus?

Ian (Columbus, Ohio): Who has Baylor beaten away from Waco? Kansas State and Kansas aren't that daunting.

Jake Trotter: Kansas State is way better than anyone Ohio State has beaten away from home.