Baylor's Petty focuses on pocket poise

Bryce Petty can be better.

Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

Yet, it’s true. The Baylor quarterback destroyed Big 12 defenses in his first season as a starter, earning Big 12 offensive player of the year honors in 2013. He finished with 4,200 passing yards and accounted for 46 total touchdowns.

But Petty strives for perfection and fell short of his goal as a junior. Thus, he entered the offseason with a clear area of improvement in mind.

“A focus for me this offseason is within the pocket,” Petty said. “I felt like there were a couple times where I escaped too soon or my eyes dropped and I looked at the rushers, not really trusting the guys up front. For me, it was a learning year, I saw different looks I hadn’t seen before, and that comes from experience.”

Petty put up big numbers, but his completion percentage dropped when he was blitzed. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Petty’s completion percentage dropped from 63.8 percent against a regular rush to 55.3 percent against a blitz. He didn't make the big mistake, with zero interceptions against blitzing defenses, but his efficiency did drop when opponents brought additional pressure.

Oklahoma and Texas were two of four teams that held Petty to less than a 57 completion percentage, and both squads did it largely with the blitz. He completed 6 of 22 combined passes against the blitz (27.2 percent) when facing OU and UT, two of the Big 12’s better defenses a year ago.

Thus, Petty wants to get more comfortable in the chaos of the pocket with the knowledge that teams are likely to take their chances by coming after him instead of hoping to find a handful of defensive backs to deal with the Bears’ receivers. With that focus in mind, Petty spent his spring break with quarterback guru George Whitfield to help accomplish his goal.

“I wanted to put my body in situations were I stay relaxed in the pocket,” Petty said. “That’s what I wanted to do with George and that’s what I did with George. He’s great about the way he explains things and the way he says things to help it make sense in your mind.”

Petty was the Big 12’s best quarterback in 2013, but his hunger to be even better in 2014 could make BU’s offense more explosive than ever.