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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Goestenkors hardly satisfied with UT's progress


Mechelle Voepel talked to Texas coach Gail Goestenkors as part of's 2010-11 women's college basketball preview. Here's a snippet:
Texas has made three NCAA tournament appearances in Gail Goestenkors' three seasons thus far. Is that enough? No one, least of all Goestenkors, thinks so. She left behind the days of "Isn't it great to be in the tournament?" a long time ago. As in, after the first season Duke made it into the field when she was there, in 1995. From then on, that was a bare-minimum "requirement."

"I always believe I'm going to have higher expectations than anybody else for my team," said Goestenkors, whose record at Texas is 65-36. "So I've been disappointed that it hasn't gone quicker. I had those expectations that we'd come in, turn it around quickly. So it's been a process for me to learn just how long it takes to change things."
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