Difficult call ahead for OSU's Gundy

Oklahoma State defensive tackle Christian Littlehead is back in trouble.

The sophomore has been charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, and has a warrant out for his arrest.

From our news story:

The district attorney's office in Cherokee County filed the charge against Littlehead on Thursday after a woman reported to police that Littlehead punched her in the face and knocked her down at a birthday party in March, causing her to scrape her knees and cut her hand.

An ugly incident for sure. Littlehead, a 6-foot-2, 312-pounder, likely would have been a big part of the rotation at tackle for the Cowboys, but after this latest incident, don't be surprised if he never plays another snap for the Pokes.

Littlehead was charged with misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession in December, and followed it up in May with an arrest on a public intoxication complaint.

Coach Mike Gundy suspended Littlehead for the Cowboys' Fiesta Bowl win over Stanford, but with two offseason arrests, expect further punishment.

He made 16 tackles and a sack last season and started four games.

Littlehead's latest warrant stems from a March incident, but it's a particularly rough one that won't earn Gundy any friends if he doesn't make a statement with Littlehead's punishment, assuming the incident played out like it sounds and Gundy didn't know about the incident.

Punching women in the face doesn't exactly earn you many fans anywhere, including inside your head coach's office, where Littlehead surely will find himself soon, if he hasn't already.

Gundy's got to do his due diligence and collect the details of the incident, but when the smoke clears, Gundy will have to decide whether or not his defensive tackle has run out of chances and lost his privilege to call himself a Cowboy.