Dirk Nowitzki happy for Robert Griffin III

DALLAS -- Dirk Nowitzki said he was watching Harry Potter 2 last night and missed the Lamar Odom deal go down. A few hours before that, however, he was tuned into the Heisman Trophy presentation. The NBA Finals MVP and former NBA MVP said he was pleased to see Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III take home the award as college football's most outstanding player.

"I was excited for the area, Baylor’s just down the road," Nowitzki said. "I loved the speech, that was great, so I’m really happy for him. He deserved it. I think it’s always the case that multiple guys deserve it and only one can win it. It’s the same in every sport sometimes and all the guys there were really deserving."

Nowitzki was asked if he planned to purchase a pair of blue Superman socks with the red cape that Griffin sported. The 7-footer smiled and said, "No, I'm not."