The Big 12's most intriguing starter story

Demetri Goodson turned a basketball life at Gonzaga into a football jumpstart at Baylor. AP Photo/LM Otero

In today's Q&A, we introduce you to Baylor cornerback Demetri Goodson, who's got the most interesting story of any starter in the Big 12.

Goodson started for two seasons before coming to Baylor.

Started at point guard under Mark Few for Gonzaga's basketball team, that is. The Spring, Texas native's older brother is Mike Goodson, who ran for 1,964 yards in three seasons at Texas A&M, but Demetri Goodson bucked his brother's wishes to head to Baylor, where he earned a starting job at cornerback after sitting out most of last season with an injury.

In Baylor's 59-24 win over SMU last week, he made seven tackles and broke up a pass, adding a tackle for loss. He sat down with ESPN.com this week to talk about his incredible backstory.

What was it like making your first start last week?

It was very, very, very exciting. It was great to get back out on the field finally. I was kind of nervous a little bit, but after the first couple of plays, I kind of settled down.

I know this is your second year, but take us back. How'd you make the decision to leave Gonzaga hoops and come play Baylor football?

I just prayed about it one night. My dad, he had told me I should look into playing football for my future, and I started thinking about it. I was really, really good before I stopped playing, so I kept praying on it and one day I woke up and was like, "I'm gonna do it." I talked to my high school coach (Ronny Feldman of Klein Collins High School) and let him know I was looking to play football again and schools just started calling, so it made it easy.

What was the toughest part about leaving?

The toughest part about leaving was just leaving all the close friends that I've made throughout the years at Gonzaga. That was probably the toughest part, but I was just ready to come back home and be closer to family, so that was a big part.

What do teammates think about your playing history?

They think it's crazy. Everyone tries to play me in basketball all the time, they always talk about how they can take me on the court and stuff. They're always giving me a hard time about basketball, but they just really think it's crazy how I switched sports like that.

I remember Robert Griffin III used to tell me he always got texts from (Baylor basketball coach) Scott Drew, half-jokingly asking him when he would come out for the team. How much do you hear from him?

I haven't even talked to him since I've been here. I told Coach Briles when I came that I was going to be all in to football, and I gave him my word I wouldn't try and go play basketball, so I've stuck to my word, just concentrating on football.

Your brother's a former Aggie. What'd he think about you coming back to play for Baylor?

He wanted me to go to Texas A&M, but throughout the years, watching him play there, I just wanted to go off and do my own thing. After coming up here and meeting the coaches like coach (defensive coordinator Phil) Bennett, I knew this was the place for me. I definitely think I picked the perfect spot.

Not too many guys have played two different sports at two different schools, and I'm sure there's tons of differences, but what's the biggest about starting at point guard for Gonzaga and starting at corner for Baylor?

Being a point guard, you really have to control your team like a quarterback playing football. Playing corner, you're really just doing a job. Everyone's got a job to do, and my job is to go out there and not let anybody catch the ball and hold down the corners. It's kind of similar, but it's definitely different. I feel like cornerback is more of a job, a team-type of position, more so than the point guard is. Cornerback is definitely tough, but I'm pretty good at it, I think.

Did you give your brother a hard time last year with Baylor winning 10 games and A&M struggling?

Oh yeah, definitely. I always talk mess. I think I got hurt the game before we played A&M last year and I was so mad, because I wanted to play against them so bad. He's always talking about Texas A&M this and Texas A&M that, so I was really disappointed I didn't get to play against them last year.