Keeping fans in loop varies at schools

It's interesting how signing day approaches are varying at SMU, TCU and North Texas.

SMU, clearly wanting to generate excitement is being as transparent as possible, providing information on each signee as their binding contracts roll out of the fax machine. Coach June Jones is on Twitter and the school is providing constant updates on its website.

At North Texas, a live chat is ongoing with various coaches.

At TCU, secrecy reigns. A check of their website makes no mention of signing day. Gary Patterson isn't on Twitter and the school is providing no updates on signees. In fact, a request for an update on players who signed on the dotted line was denied. All will be revealed later this afternoon at a press conference. TCU is expecting a nice haul today, so not sure why they don't give their fans (and let's not kid ourselves, as great as the football program has been, it doesn't exactly fill up Amon G. Carter Stadium every Saturday) something to gaze at today.