How Texas A&M's Gary Blair stays young

Gary Blair became the oldest coach to win an NCAA title in women's basketball last season, leading Texas A&M to the championship at age 65.

But Blair, who brought his team to Bristol this week in preparation for Tuesday night's matchup with UConn in The Jimmy V Classic (ESPN2 and ESPN3, 7 p.m. ET), says his job keeps him young.

"Each year, I get a year older and I work with 18-22 year-olds every year. They keep me young and they keep me challenged," Blair said. "I love to hear there's drama in their lives a lot more than mine. My version of drama is a little bit different because I'm trying to figure out a way to refinance my jumbo loan right now. They've got that cell phone and the text messages going and they're thinking about what their relationships are. And their lives are different. I can not think of ever retiring and doing nothing."

And while Blair blames his players for his eternal youth, they say they've had a little to do with it too.

"We keep him really young," senior guard Sydney Carter said. "When he needs to know what's hip, like nowadays, he comes to me. I help him out with his personality. We keep him pretty up to date on what's hot."

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