Bigger moment: Baylor's win or Bryce's shot?

NEW ORLEANS -- After Baylor won its first NCAA Tournament game in 60 years on Thursday, Bears coach Scott Drew was asked which was the bigger moment: the 68-59 historic win he had just coached or the miracle buzzer-beating 3-point shot his brother, Bryce Drew, made in the opening round of the 1998 tournament that gave No. 13-seed Valpariaso the upset win over No. 4-seed Ole Miss?

"Bryce's shot is still bigger," said Drew, an assistant on that Valpo team coached by his father, Homer. "Now if we keep winning, then we can talk."

Wow -- gulp -- really? I guess you've got to keep it in the family. Not sure how the Baylor family feels about that. After all, 60 years is a long time to wait.

"To me, definitely Bryce's shot," Drew continued. "But, as we keep winning, if we're fortunate enough to have that happen, then you can ask that question again. But right now that shot -- because for four years we had dreamed of winning the tournament game. Basically in the game we're down two [points]. So we're going to lose the game. Then you have a miracle shot, you get a chance to coach your brother one more time. I didn't want to see him take his jersey off for the last time. So that was pretty emotional that moment."