Twitter mailbag: If the Cowboys go big in free agency

FRISCO, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag is ready.

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@toddarcher: There’s always a chance, I presume, but if we take the Cowboys at their word on their approach to free agency, then I would doubt it. Ingram has proven to be a solid pass-rusher the last two seasons after struggling to stay healthy early in his time with the Los Angeles Chargers. (Wow, that’s the first time I typed that. Weird.) He turns 28 in April, so he’s at a good age for a pass-rusher. Here’s an interesting note: he is signed with Roc Nation, the same group that represents Dez Bryant. There’s a good relationship there between the Cowboys and Jay-Z’s people, even though that Bryant deal took some time to get done. I’m not sure if Ingram would fall into the same category as Olivier Vernon last year, but he’s not going to be far off. Next week at the combine, I’ll have a better sense of how things might go in free agency, so check back for some updates. For now, however, I would not bet on Ingram wearing a star on his helmet.

@toddarcher: Everything I just said about Ingram holds true for DeSean Jackson. As much as I think he would help the offense in terms of big plays down the field, I don’t know how the Cowboys could afford him. They are so heavily invested on the offense with Bryant, soon to be three offensive linemen and Ezekiel Elliott, that it’s difficult to see them making another big-time investment on offense. That’s why I don’t see Terrance Williams returning, either, and he’ll be a lot cheaper than Jackson. The Cowboys know how dangerous Jackson can be. He still has top-end speed, even though he turns 31 in December. Maybe he could help in the return game, too, but he’s not done much there lately. It would also weaken the Washington Redskins and keep him away from the Philadelphia Eagles. If I’m making a decision here, I’d rather throw money at a defensive player rather than an offensive player in free agency. Jackson, however, could give me some pause, maybe more than other receiver.

@toddarcher: I’m already on record saying Darren McFadden should be re-signed. The same logic people use on adding Adrian Peterson, who could remain in Minnesota, can be used with McFadden. And actually, it would be more cost-effective for the Cowboys. While the Cowboys have continuously said they are not worried about Elliott being punished by the NFL, until the case is closed, that possibility cannot be excused. Peterson will come at a higher cost than McFadden. Let’s say nothing happens to Elliott. Would you rather have a runner making McFadden money who can contribute in more ways or somebody at Peterson money? And for those saying the Cowboys need to be mindful of the carries they give Elliott, I’d simply say this: If you’re thinking of minimizing his work even a little bit, then he never should have been picked No. 4 overall. Players selected that high need to be every-down, every-game stars. That’s Elliott.