Opposing Voice: Eli Manning knows it takes a team

NEWARK, N.J. – New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was able to enjoy the spoils of an offseason following his second Super Bowl victory in five seasons with some funny commercials, including one filmed with DeMarcus Ware, and an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

“When you can do stuff with teammates, go to the White House, get your rings as a team -- those are the most special things. Or appearances with a few other guys -- those are the ones that are the most fun,” Manning said. “It was a good offseason. Got to mix in a little fun along with the work.”

While Manning’s legacy has been cemented with his second title, the Cowboys’ Tony Romo is still waiting for postseason success.

Is Manning aware of all the grief Romo receives?

“That’s just part of football,” Manning said. “When you’re winning in the playoffs and Super Bowls it’s team related. As a quarterback all you can do is prepare, go out and play your best and put the team in situations to win and hopefully the guys around you on defense and special teams can do their part. You’ve got to worry about doing your job well and with the guys around you on offense get the most out for their potential, their ability and sometimes things work out the right way. (Then) you can make a fun run.”