Rookie report: Solid start for Gavin Escobar

OXNARD, Calif. -- The Dallas Cowboys are going to need Gavin Escobar if they are going to have a good offense.

The second-round pick is off to a pretty good start in showing the Cowboys he can handle the role.

“Like with a lot of young guys so much of this game is confidence, understanding what the coaches are asking you to do, what my assignment is and then take to the next level, internalizing that information and just going, playing fast,” coach Jason Garrett said. “I think we’re seeing some of that the last couple of days.”

With James Hanna out with a hamstring strain, Escobar has received the full load as the backup to Jason Witten. He has shown the ability to find holes in zones between the linebackers and safeties to make plays down the field.

Like he did in the offseason, Escobar has found himself studying Witten more.

“He’s actually helped me out a little bit more now,” Escobar said. “I was brand new when I first came in and I wasn’t saying much at all, but I’m able to go with the ones here a little bit now.”