Road to Super Bowl runs through Dirk Nowitzki's locker?

DALLAS – Dirk Nowitzki jokingly credits himself with an assist for the Baltimore Ravens' Super Bowl run.

Nowitzki figures that Joe Flacco’s autographed jersey hanging in his locker at the American Airlines all season had to have helped.

“I guess I got him hot,” Nowitzki said. “It’s been in there before everyone thought he had a chance.”

Flacco, a Dirk fan, sent Nowitzki the autographed jersey this fall and asked for one in return. Nowitzki finally signed a Mavs jersey and had Mavs PR man Scott Tomlin send it off midway through the Ravens’ title run.

Apparently, Nowitzki just needed to see Flacco outplay Peyton Manning in a road playoff game before deeming him worthy of an autographed jersey.

“I had to wait to see if he’s for real or not,” Nowitzki cracked.

Memo to the Cowboys: You might want to get Dirk a signed Tony Romo jersey next fall.