Romo's not a history major, but he can count to four

Asked to set the story straight about the fourth down drama in Denver, Tony Romo reiterated the explanation provided in Tuesday's statement from the Cowboys' public relations department. But he flunked the college football history part of the test.

"I think that story already was set straight," Romo said when asked about the situation on a conference call with Kansas City reporters. "I think someone just kind of took something and ran with it.

"After the play, you just kind of end looking over. I mean, it was fourth down, everybody knew it was fourth down. We called it in the huddle. The play call we had is our fourth down play. I told the guys 'last play' and everything.

"But as you're walking off, the guy is moving the far chain, the down marker or whatever, back because Denver has the ball. And it goes to 3. With that 3 when I look over, I thought the refs might have messed up for a second.

"You ever remember the Nebraska game? Five downs?"

None of the Kansas City scribes had the heart to correct Romo. The game he's referencing was actually Colorado vs. Missouri.