Romo 'pretty excited' about offense's path

Tony Romo sees a lot of room for improvement in the Dallas Cowboys' offense. He also sees a lot of encouraging signs from a unit that ranks second in the league with 419.3 yards per game.

"I think this offense is starting to play some pretty good football," Romo said during his chat with the Valley Ranch media horde today. "I'm pretty excited about the path we're taking. I think we still have a long way to go. At the same time, I'm excited about where this unit and I am going, with the path that we're taking. I think you're seeing a little bit of it recently and hopefully we can continue to grow and get better from that."

Romo has had consecutive interception-free, 300-plus-yard passing games. Not coincidentally, Miles Austin has emerged as a premier playmaker in the last two games.

The Cowboys were counting on Roy Williams to be an elite receiver entering the season. Williams has made little impact since his 66-yard touchdown in the season opener, but Romo insists he still has confidence in Williams.

"I always am a firm believer that if a guy shows me on a consistent daily basis out here on the practice field that he can do, he's going to do it in the game," Romo said. "Sure, people are going to have games that aren't whatever they may feel up to their own standards, but that's each individual wanting to be competitive within himself.

"Roy works his butt off at practice. He comes out and he performs out there daily and I don't see any reason why he's not going to have a very successful rest of the season. I'm not going to shy away because he's shown me on a consistent daily basis that he does so many good things that it'll happen."

If Williams fulfills Valley Ranch expectations at some point and Austin keeps performing well, the possibilities for the Cowboys' passing game are practically limitless.