Phillips to attend OneHeart Bowl in Grapevine

IRVING -- If you're looking for Cowboys coach Wade Phillips on Friday night, check in Grapevine. Phillips will attend Friday's high school game between Grapevine Faith Christian School and Gainesville State School.

It's the second annual OneHeart Bowl, and fans are asked to bring ankle socks and gloves for students of Gainesville, which is a maximum-security detention facility for violent male teen offenders in the state.

The reason this game is so important is because the football players from Gainesville are not allowed to have home games. But during last year's game between the schools, Grapevine coach Kris Hogan asked his fans to sit on the Gainesville sidelines and cheer for both teams.

"It's a pretty neat deal," Phillips said. "I think a lot of people know the story, but it's a pretty neat story. They're going to have some of the fans on the Gainesville side again, and that's pretty special."