Witten on Skins: 'This is the Super Bowl for them'

The Cowboys didn't need to watch film of the Washington Redskins' upset of the Denver Broncos to know they'd be in for a fight against the NFC East's last-place team.

The Redskins have won five of the last eight games against the Cowboys.

"They've always given us the blues," linebacker Bradie James said. "They'll be ready and we have to get ready."

Cowboys-Redskins used to be perhaps the NFL's most bitter rivalry. It's probably the only one that featured a funeral wreath being thrown into the loser's locker room, as legend has it ex-Dallas DE Harvey Martin did at a crazy Cowboys comeback win at Texas Stadium in Dec. 1979.

There's more venom at Valley Ranch toward the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles these days, since those division rivals have ended the Cowboys' season the last couple of years. But the Cowboys realize that the Redskins still take the rivalry very seriously, so they better match that intensity.

"We know this is the Super Bowl for them," tight end Jason Witten said. "That's the type of mentality they have."