Romo: Crayton has 'that feel'

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Patrick Crayton caught Tony Romo's last two improvisational touchdown passes. That isn't a coincidence.

Romo has worked with Crayton more than any other wide receiver, so a trust has formed between the two. But Romo is looking for flashes of the right color, not a certain number, when he's running from pass rushers.

Romo says Crayton simply has knack for getting to the right spot when a play breaks down. It happened on Romo's highlight-reel scramble and throw for a score against the Atlanta Falcons. And it happened again Sunday afternoon, when Romo spun away from a defensive end who had a clean shot at his blind side and hit Crayton across the middle for a 10-yard touchdown to beat the Washington Redskins.

"What ends up happening is you’ve got that feel," Romo said. "Some basketball players may not be the most athletic guy in the world but he somehow just gets his body in position and knows where to be and knows angles and things of that nature.

"Patrick has that sense. He has that innate nature to find the opening, find the hole and put himself in position to be there. That’s a great quality that he has."