Ugly win shows Cowboys character

The Dallas Cowboys’ 7-6 victory over the Washington Redskins ranks among the ugliest wins in franchise history.

But be careful about negative knee-jerking after such a game. There was plenty of that around these parts when the Cowboys needed overtime to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. All that game did was spark a four-game winning streak.

Players have cited the comeback in Kansas City as the time this team truly came together. The game-winning drive against the Redskins, which came after three and a half quarters of offensive futility, had the same kind of feel.

“I was proud of the guys for continuing to fight and not giving up and believing throughout the game that we were going to win the game,” Tony Romo said. “You don’t win these type of football games without that kind of belief in each other.”

Romo and many other offensive players readily acknowledge that they need to play better to be a legitimate contender. But linebacker Bradie James sees the Cowboys’ ability to win ugly as a sign of progress.

“We’ve been sexy, been trying to be glamorous and teams have come in and beat us ugly,” James said. “I remember last year, we go to Pittsburgh and they won in the last drive. Baltimore won in the last drive. All these teams beat us ugly. They stayed the course and stayed consistent. Now, it’s our turn.”