A former coach talks Roy and Romo

So just what is the problem between Roy Williams and Tony Romo?

Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson says it takes time for a wide receiver to develop chemistry with a quarterback.

“Receivers in some ways are a little like a golfer, they get in streaks,” Johnson said. “I remember Michael Irvin’s second year, we had a training camp where he was dropping everything and so it was a matter of us pulling back and saying let’s work on the things that he does well and gradually expand it some of the other routes.”

Johnson talked about former receiver Alvin Harper couldn’t run the same routes as Irvin, who could run any route. The Cowboys at that time worked toward Harper’s strengths which were deep comeback routes and curls.

It seems Williams just isn’t on the same page with Romo and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. The numbers say so.

“Say in your mind, you’re dropping a crossing route, time after time,” Johnson said. “Well, let’s stop throwing the crossing route, because in his mind, he’s saying, ‘Oh no, I’m going to drop it, I’m going to drop it.’ Don’t drop it, don’t drop it. That seeds planted, don’t drop it. Well the seeds planted to don’t drop it, so what do you do? You drop it. And so let’s just pull away from that. Let’s start throwing that comeback where he knows he’s going to catch it, he catches it every time. Catch it, catch it, catch it and then occasionally sprinkle in a crossing route so where he’s had some success to build that confidence back up.”