Is Charles Haley a Hall of Famer?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee released the 25 semifinalists for the Class of 2010 on Saturday.

One Cowboys legend appears to be a lock, running back Emmitt Smith, the all-time leading rusher. Check that, he is a lock. Another person who is almost guaranteed entry is former 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice, the all-time leader in receiving touchdowns, catches and yards.

But there is another former 49ers and Cowboys player on the list that has a shot, and that's defensive end Charles Haley, the only man in NFL history with five Super Bowl rings.

The list will be reduced to 15 in January and the final vote will be in February.

The big question is will Haley make it?

"He's a legitimate candidate," said Dave Goldberg, a Hall of Fame voter, a long-time NFL writer who retired from Associated Press and now works for AOL Fanhouse. "The reason he hasn't been up before was he was a bad guy, not a good teammate. I'd like to see him get debated, he won't make it this year."

Goldberg said he would vote for Haley if he gets to the final 15.

Just exchanged text messages with Houston Chronicle NFL/Houston Texans' beat writer John McClain and this is what he had to say regarding Haley: "I'm voting for [Richard] Dent before Haley. I don't think both will get in the same year. I think Dent is long overdue. I don't think two defensive ends will get in the same year 'cause I think so many skill position players will make it."