Romo, Austin went to Vegas over weekend

IRVING, Texas -- It became a huge controversy the last time Tony Romo took a vacation the weekend before facing the New York Giants.

After the playoff loss, Romo shrugged off questions about his trip to Cabo with the Simpson family and friends, figuring there were worse ways to spend his free time during the bye weekend.

"I thought I was making a good decision not going to Vegas and drinking for two or three days," Romo said at the time.

Well, guess where Romo went during Thanksgiving weekend?

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas when the paparazzi is around. TMZ has photos of Romo and Miles Austin hanging out in Sin City over the weekend. Perhaps Jason Witten, one of Romo's Cabo companions, stayed home to rest his sore foot.

Austin and Romo were back in plenty of time for Monday's practice at Valley Ranch. Romo has said several times that he isn't concerned with perception, so he won't care if this fuels the debate that he isn't focused enough on football. (TMZ doesn't have cameras at Valley Ranch, where Romo spends hundreds of offseason hours each year.)

But Romo's Vegas rendezvous provides fodder for those who want to speculate about whether his priorities are really in order. The only way he can hush that talk is to handle his business this weekend at the Meadowlands.