Less drama, more wins?

IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys plan to keep the drama on the field this December.

A year ago, the Cowboys' season fizzled as the pass-triangle drama played out in the public eye. Dissension that had been bubbling beneath the surface leaked out in reports that Terrell Owens had issues with Tony Romo's relationship with Jason Witten.

"The main thing is we’re leaving last year, all that behind," Ratliff said. "This is a whole new year. We know if we want to get anything done we’re going to have to be a team and depend on each other. That’s what we’ve been doing this year, and that’s why we’ve been successful."

The circus left Valley Ranch this offseason with the departures of T.O., Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones. Ratliff didn't want to link the changed atmosphere to anything specific, but he said he's glad that there's a different feel to the team this December.

"We’re definitely closer," said Ratliff, who publicly supported T.O. after the receiver was released. "We’re playing for one another and not just ourselves. That’s going to take us a long way."