Miles Austin to the Pro Bowl?

The Pro Bowl voting for the fans ends Dec. 21, and there is only one Cowboys' player leading at his position -- outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

But there is a surprise wide receiver moving up the ranks. Miles Austin is third among wide receivers in the fan voting.

Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald is first with over 500,000 votes, and Philadelphia's DeSean Jackson is second with 293,408 votes. Austin is third with 261,107 votes.

Fans count as one-third of the voting process, with the players and coaches each picking up one-third.

Could Austin surpass Jackson in the next two weeks? It depends how he does at the New York Giants and against San Diego, two games that many fans will get to see nationally.

What surprised me is that Tony Romo is not among the top five vote-getters among quarterbacks. Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner and Eli Manning make up the top five.

Of course, it doesn't mean Romo will miss the Pro Bowl. He can still get in if the coaches and players think he's worthy.

Also, it's worth noting that Sam Hurd is second in voting among special teamers. The Vikings' Heath Farwell has 103,215 votes; Hurd has 70,647.

Time to stuff the ballot box.