DeMarcus Ware with sprained neck

ARLINGTON -- Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware was carted off the field after his head hit the hip of Chargers right tackle Brandyn Dombrowski.

Team officials said Ware has a sprained neck and was taken to a local hospital as a precaution for X-rays. Ware was alert and had feeling in all his extremities.

Ware was rushing Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers with 11:28 to play in the fourth quarter when his head smashed into Dombrowski's left hip. Ware's wife, Taniqua, rushed down to the field with several family members.

Ware was moving his arms and legs before doctors and trainers came onto the field to get him.

Trainers removed Ware's face mask before lifting him onto a cart.

Ware leads the Cowboys with nine sacks and 35 quarterback pressures coming into the game.

As Ware was being wheeled into the tunnel with associate trainer Britt Brown, he waved both his hands and wiggled his feet. He also gave a thumbs up and a made a motion with his fingers to look like a W, to win the game.

Victor Butler replaced Ware.