Norv Turner got the best of Wade Phillips

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Wade Phillips beat Norv Turner to become the Dallas Cowboys' head coach in 2007. Turner won Sunday's matchup.

The San Diego Chargers beat the Cowboys, 20-17, in large part because Turner's offense was better prepared than Phillips' defense.

Dallas LB Bradie James said Chargers QB Phillip Rivers called out the Cowboys' defensive scheme before several plays.

"They knew us real well," James said. "They knew us better than I thought they did, to be honest with you."

The Cowboys did a good job shutting down the Chargers' running game, but Rivers completed 21 of 32 passes for 272 yards and a touchdown. Turner, who has yet to lose a December game as San Diego's coach, was consistently able to create favorable matchups for the Chargers' receiving threats.

"By playing against Wade all those years, he knew the scheme," James said. "But we as players, we’ve got to go out there and make plays. I’m not putting any excuses on that. It’s just that we’ve got to go out and execute in spite of it."

Jerry Jones said he had no issue with the Cowboys' coaching in the loss.

"I will give Norv all the credit in the world," Jerry said.

Maybe he should have given him the job.