DeMarcus Ware is sore, hopes to play

IRVING -- Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware said he wants to play in Sunday's game at New Orleans despite a neck sprain.

Ware still has to undergo more tests, X-ray and a MRI, in order for doctors to clear him to play on Saturday night.

"Just taking it day-by-day and go from there," Ware said before practice on Tuesday morning. "Neck is a little sore right now so you have to be cautious with that. But at the end of the day, treating it and trying to get ready for this week."

Several of Ware's teammates rubbed his neck as he talked to a small group of reporters outside the Cowboys locker room. Ware said the injury scared him, but will do whatever the doctors say before getting back on the field.

"It's really important," he said about listening to the doctors. "Since not only are you talking about the team standpoint of being able to go out there and make plays and try to win a game this week. But also you got to think about the player's health. He can go out there and he might get paralyzed, hurt himself even more. Which one is more important: longevity or right now."

We'll have more with Ware later.