Dungy's dissing motivated Cowboys

NEW ORLEANS -- Wade Phillips relied on a coach with a Super Bowl ring to motivate the Dallas Cowboys.

During a Friday night team meeting, Phillips played a tape of ex-Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy discussing the Cowboys' chances of upsetting the undefeated New Orleans Saints.

"He said we have no chance," quarterback Tony Romo said. "That was surprising from an ex-coach’s side of it, but it was able to motivate us. It was funny. We don’t normally go into a game thinking we have no chance, but a lot of people were thinking that."

Added outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware: "That sort of put gas on the fire. Once we watched that tape, we went to bed at night and let that marinate in our head."

Ware knew the Cowboys were ready to play when there was silence in the locker room before the game. No music, no talking, just a lot of guys focused on proving Dungy and millions of others wrong.