Score stays the same after three quarters

LANDOVER, Md. -- The third quarter has ended here at FedEx Field with the score 14-0 Dallas.

The Cowboys need to win this game to clinch a playoff berth, thanks to the Giants getting beaten up on Sunday afternoon at home to Carolina.

Everyone is going through the motions in this third quarter.

The Cowboys turned the ball over on downs twice and gained 82 yards on 18 plays. Marion Barber couldn't get a first down on a fourth-and-one near the end of the quarter.

Washington. Well, let's just say of the nine plays they held the ball, they gained 40 yards.

Both offenses are just waiting for this entire thing to end.

Now, if the Cowboys win, and it appears they will, forget about style points. Just give the Cowboys credit for winning the ball game.

Best play of the quarter came when Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick hit Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell on a blitz forcing an incompletion.

If you missed it, the Cowboys had next Sunday's game with the Eagles moved to 3:15 central time.

One last thing, Roy E. Williams has just one catch for four yards and two drops. Nice performance.