Roy gets credit for trying really hard!!!

IRVING, Texas -- Wade Phillips tried his best to defend disappointing receiver Roy Williams.

Phillips pointed out that Williams caught a touchdown pass in Sunday's win over the Washington Redskins. That's true, but the 4-yard score was his only catch. Williams had a pair of passes clank off his hands, one of which ricocheted into the arms of Redskins safety Reed Doughty for Tony Romo's only turnover of the month.

Phillips pointed out that players at other positions make mistakes that aren't noticed as easily as a receiver dropping the ball. Then he basically pinned a ribbon on Williams' jersey.

"He played really hard in the game, and that’s what I want him to do," Phillips said. "I want him to play hard, and he did do that."

Is good effort really enough for a receiver with a $45 million contract?