No Pro Bowl, but Romo's never been better

IRVING, Texas -- It's tough to call Tony Romo a Pro Bowl snub, since the three NFC quarterbacks selected all have better statistics and as many or more wins.

But this isn't about comparing Romo to New Orleans' Drew Brees, Minnesota's Brett Favre or Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers. This is about comparing Romo to Romo.

Is this the best season of the two-time Pro Bowler's career?

He'll end up throwing for the most yards of his career, as he enters the regular-season finale 39 yards shy of the franchise record of 4,211 he set in 2007. His touchdowns (24) are a dozen down from that year. But he's also thrown 11 fewer interceptions.

You also have to consider the talent around Romo. In 2007, T.O. was one of the most dominant offensive forces in football. The Cowboys broke training camp expecting major contributions from Roy Williams and Martellus Bennett, neither of whom has made a significant impact this season. It took a month -- and an injury to Williams -- for the Cowboys to figure out that Miles Austin was their most dangerous weapon in the passing game.

Romo is also a much more mature player than he was two seasons ago. He answered the challenge of becoming a leader for a team that fell apart last season.

He has accepted the reality that, fair or not, the responsbility of winning ultimately falls on his shoulders. He's been at his best in December, reversing a career trend. He's done anything possible to make that happen, even volunteering for special teams duty when it meant rehashing the most embarrassing moment of his career.

Romo has increased his intangible contributions, decreased his turnovers and maintained his playmaking ability. He's never been better, whether he spends a winter week on South Beach or not.