Jenkins: 'Nothing special' vs. Jackson

IRVING, Texas -- Cornerback Mike Jenkins wants to make one thing clear: The Cowboys haven't done anything special to shut down Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson.

During a UStream appearance, Jackson indicated that the Cowboys had cooked up all kinds of exotic schemes to limit his to five catches for 76 yards in the Eagles' two losses to Dallas this season.

"They be having like four people on your boy out there, but it’s all good," Jackson said after claiming that the Cowboys were scared of him. "I probably get man coverage like 10 percent every game. But I like those odds. I’ll take that."

Jenkins, the right cornerback, doesn't match up with Jackson that often. Terence Newman has covered Jackson the majority of the time.

But Jenkins insisted that the Cowboys' success against the Eagles was the result of the secondary executing its normal schemes. Dallas played primarily man coverage with occasional safety help, mixing in some zone to keep the Eagles guessing.

"It’s been a lot of talk to about double-covering or triple-covering this guy," Jenkins said. "I haven’t seen it yet.

We single it up. We call [man] every play. There’s one man on him and we’re just sitting in it. We’re holding our own and that’s pretty much it. We’re holding our own. That’s pretty much it. We’re not doing anything special for him or anybody else."

Jackson expressed confidence that the Eagles receivers would win their matchups Saturday night. Jenkins has the same sort of swagger.

"I feel real good," Jenkins said. "I’ll take us over anybody, any time."