When's Romo's day done?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has continued his stellar play in leading Dallas to a 20-point lead tonight in this wild-card playoff game. The game would seem to be over all but on the clock with 13:30 showing.

The Eagles have just scored a touchdown to cut the Cowboys' lead to 34-14. Still, you've got to believe this one is over. Do Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett think so? Will Tony Romo return to the game? If it's up to me, I put backup Jon Kitna in the game. Kitna could use a few reps and why put Romo in jeopardy. This game has already been chippy and the with the rival Eagles' season coming to an anticlimatic change, you can expect some more rough stuff, if only out of frustration.

Romo has completed 19-of-31 for 216 yards and two touchdowns. He's done his job. Let Kitna finish it up.

We'll soon see.