Phillips amazed that Sensabaugh missed play

MINNEAPOLIS -- On the first touchdown of the game, Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh was man-to-man with Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice down the Cowboys sideline.

But Rice made the 47-yard touchdown catch to give the Vikings a 7-0 lead with 4:04 to play in the first quarter. It appeared Sensabaugh or cornerback Terence Newman failed in the coverage of that play.

Sensabaugh lined up near the line of scrimmage, while Newman was lined up in front of Rice. Just before the snap, Sensabaugh dropped back into coverage as Newman let Rice go.

Brett Favre made a near perfect pass to Rice for the touchdown.

Coach Wade Phillips couldn't believe it. Not so much the throw, but the coverage on Rice.

"The guy was running right with him," Phillips said of Sensabaugh. "He never saw the ball, didn’t even know he caught it. The strangest play I've seen in a long time. He didn’t even know they threw the ball to him. If he turns around he intercepts it or knocks it down. We had him covered, I don’t know. It's amazing."