Jerry just wants to talk boxing

The Cowboys sent out a statement informing media that Jerry Jones would not discuss the Cowboys or NFL at today's press conference.

The press conference is to hype Manny Pacquaio vs. Joshua Clottey, the first boxing match at JerryWorld.

Typically at stadium-related press conference, Jones is happy to entertain questions about the Cowboys after the event ends. This is a clear signal that he is not prepared to publicly discuss Wade Phillips' contract status.

It isn't clear exactly why Jerry wants to avoid Wade talk. It's already been reported that Jerry has opted to keep his head coach, so one would think that Jerry would at least state for the record that his head coach would return next season. Maybe he prefers to say nothing until a contract extension is worked out, but all of Jerry's public comments thus far have pointed toward picking up the 2010 option in Phillips' contract.

The Cowboys will schedule a press conference before week's end, when one assumes the issue of Phillips' contract will be put to rest -- for this offseason, at least.