Wrong Cowboys corner going to Pro Bowl

The wrong cornerback will represent the Dallas Cowboys in the Pro Bowl.

Terence Newman got the invitation when Arizona's Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie backed out due to injury. Mike Jenkins was more deserving.

Just look at the stats when teams targeted the Cowboys' corners.

Opponents completed 48 of 93 passes (51.7 percent) for 698 yards and four touchdowns against Newman this season, according to Stats, Inc. He intercepted three passes and broke up 21, by the Dallas coaches' count.

Opponents completed 51 of 107 passes (47.7 percent) for 643 yards and two touchdowns against Jenkins. He interecepted five passes and broke up 23.

Jenkins also got less help than Newman. Jenkins played press-man on a regular basis, so much so that he rarely even joined the defensive huddle to get the play call.

That's not to say that Newman, who played the largest role in shutting down DeSean Jackson, didn't have a good season. It's just that Jenkins had a better season.