T.O.: QBs kept him from Rice's records

T.O. Rips Romo And Other Quarterbacks (4:45)

Former Cowboys receiver says he would have better numbers if he had better passers throwing to him. (4:45)

Terrell Owens believes he coulda been the greatest ... if only he had better quarterbacks.

Never mind that T.O.'s starting QBs were all multi-Pro Bowlers, at least until he was banished to Buffalo after he couldn't get along with his (sniff) quarterback in Dallas.

"I know hands-down I'd be close to Jerry Rice's records if I had been with quality quarterbacks like he had," T.O. told USA Today. "He had Joe Montana and he finished with Steve Young. That wasn't a dropoff.

"Say I had been with a guy like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees all of my career. Are you kidding me?"

T.O., who is 7,944 yards and 53 touchdowns behind Rice on the all-time receiving lists, made these comments as his previous two quarterbacks were preparing to play in the Pro Bowl along with their No. 1 receivers.

Tony Romo missed T.O. so much that he set a franchise record for passing yards this season.