Anderson put job in jeopardy

We don't know yet what the result will be of the Addison police's investigation into the early Tuesday morning confrontation involving Deon Anderson and a restaurant employee.

However, Anderson has obviously put himself in a bad situation. Nothing good can come out of an NFL player getting arrested with weapons being confiscated.

It's possible that this could cost Anderson, the Cowboys' starting fullback, his job.

The Cowboys are proud that they've mostly steered clear of the police blotter over the last several years. They've gone to great lengths to clean up the franchise's image after some wild times.

As of now, Anderson's only charges stemmed from outstanding traffic warrants in Irving. That's not a big deal, but charges related to the weapons would be.

It's one thing for a first-round pick to get arrested, like Anthony Spencer did last offseason after a confrontation with a bouncer at an Indianapolis bar. (The charges were eventually dropped.)

Anderson doesn't play an important enough role for the Cowboys to put himself in this type of situation. He's a lead blocker -- and rookie tight end John Phillips cut into that role late last season -- and solid special teamer. Those types of players can be found in the late rounds, like the Cowboys did when they drafted Anderson in the 2007 sixth round.

By no means is Anderson a bad guy. He might be the most likeable player in that locker room. But he's put himself in a bad situation.